Exceed Excellence - Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma, Quality and Continuous Improvement

At Exceed Excellence our primary purpose is to help our customers with all things related to Lean Six Sigma, Quality and Continuous Improvement, Training, Consulting and Coaching for Lean Leaders. We want you to excel in operational efficiency and effectiveness

Our focus is to;

  • Improve your processes
  • Improve quality
  • Help you save money by reducing waste, and
  • Up-skill your workforce in Lean and Quality Improvement

By improving your processes you’ll meet the needs of your customers by providing products and services that are right first time, on time, every time!

Our Services

Six Sigma

Exceed Excellence - Services - Lean Implementation
With over 20 years hands-on, shop floor Lean implementation we know a thing or two about successful and sustainable implementation

Quality Improvement

Exceed Excellence - Services - Quality Improvement
Problem Solving doesn’t have to be complicated. Using a structured methodology can help you improve quality and reduce waste

Continuous Improvement

Exceed Excellence - Services - Continuous Improvement
Continuous Improvement is all about seeking to refine and tweak processes until they deliver optimum performance.


Exceed Excellence - Services - Lean Training
Our training courses are designed to enable your staff to identify and deliver change themselves increasing your internal change capability


Exceed Excellence - Services - Lean Consulting
With transformation experience in both public and private sectors, we’ll ensure that you get advice that’s right for you to deliver sustainable change

Coaching for Lean Leaders

Exceed Excellence - Services - Coaching for Lean Leaders
Our programmes are tailored to your requirements as the power of any change effort is in the buy-in of the people engaged to enact the required change.