Exceed Excellence-2017 make it a year to remember

Exceed Excellence-2017 make it a year to remember


“Our dreams do not have to be constrained by who we are today,

All we have to do is believe there are friends out there

who care to dream the way we do,

Together as one we can carry the heaviest of burdens,

Even with the smallest of hands”


Exceed Excellence-smallest of hands

Have a great 2017, make it a year to remember!

Abdul Ghani, Founder & Director Exceed Excellence




About the author

Abdul Ghani is founder and director at Exceed Excellence. Abdul has twenty year’s experience of hands on Lean implementation, project and change management. He is an improvement coach and an inspirational leader with multi-sector continuous/quality improvement expertise.

Abdul’s key strengths are seeing through complexity, identifying and delivering improvement actions and to quickly establish rapport and trust with stakeholders. Abdul has project managed and delivered improvement programmes and mentored / coached staff, at all levels, through major transformation programmes. Click here to get in touch or here to make an appointment for a quick phone call.


About Exceed Excellence

Exceed Excellence works with organisations to improve operational excellence capability to deliver high quality, right cost and right time services / products for their customers. We achieve this using workshops, masterclasses and/or consultancy. Most importantly, we’ll work with you to improve the skills, productivity and capability of your most valuable resources – your people!


Exceed Excellence-2017 make it a year to remember

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