Every solution is a bespoke solution!

By working with you and listening to your requirements we are able to get a deep understanding of what you require from a change programme. We’ll design a solution that exactly fits your needs..

We want you to excel in operational efficiency and effectiveness .

At Exceed Excellence our primary purpose is to help our customers with all things related to Lean Six Sigma, Quality and Continuous Improvement, Training, Consulting and Coaching for Lean Leaders.

Lean Implementation

We know about Lean implementation and have been involved with 100's of transformation projects.


By improving your processes you’ll meet the needs of your customers by providing products and services that are right first time, on time, every time!.

Expert Advice

An effective Lean implementation is all about people - your people. Knowledge transfer is vital for sustainable change .

Results Based

All our engagements are bespoke to the needs of the client and tailored to the specific issues at hand.

What we offer

Our focus is to; improve your processes, quality, help you to save money by reducing waste and up-skilling your workforce in  best practice improvement methodologies.

Lean Six Sigma

With over 20 years hands-on, shop floor Lean implementation we know a thing or two about successful and sustainable implementation.

Quality Improvement

Problem Solving doesn’t have to be complicated. Using a structured methodology can help improve quality and reduce waste.

Business Consulting

With transformation experience in public and private sectors, we’ll ensure you get advice that will deliver sustainable change.

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Partnerships for authentic experiences.

People make change happen, not processes.

“The net result is that we understand that change is all about you and your people. Our focus is to deliver the best service to meet the needs of your business, staff and customers.

Abdul Ghani - Director - Exceed Excellence
Abdul Ghani

General Questions

Our approach is what makes us different. Our focus is not to show you how clever or important we are. Our sole aim is to bring value to you by delivering tangible, sustainable change.

Before initiating an ‘improve’ phase, we want to make sure that your processes are in ‘control’. It’s difficult to build upon weak foundations. Once there is stability in key processes, we move into process improvement…

We know you are busy and that your time and improvement resources are finite. That’s why we take a very pragmatic and practical approach to everything that we do. Working with you, we ensure that we prioritise our implementation efforts to ensuare you achieve sustainable change and realise required benefits.

Any change to your business processes can be daunting due to perceived complexity, length of time and commitment required to deliver the results. You can take away associated stresses by utilising our Lean Diagnostic. This will ensure that you maintain total control over the change journey and understand where best to apply valuable finite resources and effort.

Our Company

Exceed Excellence helps organisations like yours to solve operational problems.

You might be trying to increase productivity, increase workforce skills, minimise errors, improve quality or trying to reduce operational costs. By using best practice process improvement / Lean Six Sigma techniques we can help to deliver tangible benefits to your organisation.

You can trust Exceed Excellence to help you improve your business...

With hands-on multi-sector experience, our expertise lies in consultancy, Lean Six Sigma, coaching, facilitating process improvement projects and delivering training and master-classes.