About Us

Exceed Excellence helps organisations to build and enhance their operational excellence capability to deliver a better service for its customers.

Our aim is to help you develop your staff with the skills required to make process improvements that deliver benefits for YOUR; customers, organisation and staff.

We focus on sustainable continuous improvement i.e. we transfer knowledge and skills that have been developed over twenty years in multiple industries; manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, health and social care and in insurance.

Working together we’ll develop and deliver processes that lead to; a high quality service, that is right first time every time, is cost effective, delights your customers/service users and engages staff at all levels in the change process.

We transfer knowledge and develop change capabilities in 3 ways;

  1. Building skills necessary to affect change in the workplace
  2. Give attention to improving personal productivity to enable the ‘head space’ to take on the change challenge e.g. getting control of emails, learning to get things done and better time management
  3. ‘Hands on Consultancy support through the change process as subject matter experts