About us

A Different Kind of Consultancy

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I set up Exceed Excellence to help organisations realise the numerous benefits of Lean Six Sigma. Having worked with Lean for over twenty years I’m passionate about what it can do to help organisations become more efficient and effective.

~ Abdul Ghani – Director, Exceed Excellence


Our unique selling point is made up of two parts;

  1. We’re all about people! Our approach from day 1 is to engage your teams so they feel they are part of the change and that change is being done with them and not to them.
  2. Every solution is a bespoke solution. By working with you and listening to your requirements we are able to get a deep understanding of what you require from a change programme. We’ll design a solution that fits exactly to your needs.

Knowledge Transfer

A key element of sustainable change is knowledge transfer. Our approach is to keep things simple.
It can be too easy to overly use jargon, Japanese words and management gobbledygook.
Whilst we might think we look very clever – it probably wont help you learn anything useful in the immediate term.

Nice and Friendly

business process experts that get things done

We pride ourselves on the fact that we’re nice and friendly people. Change programmes can become quite stressful at times.
By taking a very ‘human’ approach to change it can help tremendously to realise the required changes AND have a positive impact on your workforce.