Exceed Excellence - I have a failing project what do I do

Got a failing project – here’s what I would do?

Believe in yourself If you’re faced with a ‘failing’ improvement project what would you do? There’s many reasons why projects fail. I’d say that the lack of stakeholder engagement is ...
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KPIs and business

Getting KPIs wrong can be a costly error

Getting your key performance indicators (KPIs) wrong can be a costly error for your business. When used effectively they can give significant competitive advantage, improve cost control and reduce overall ...
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Exceed Excellence – The right business management consultants for you

There are many business management consultants who can help you to improve your processes, provide Lean Six Sigma training and coach your leaders through the change process. The question you ...
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Operational Excellence Essentials: FREE Taster Session

Operational Excellence Essentials: FREE Taster Session This two hour taster session is specifically designed for people like you who need to improve their operational / process capability. Whether it's to ...
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Process change is easy, right?

Process change is easy, right? You have lots of spare cash to invest in change, process quality has never been an issue, you’ve got all the time and energy to ...
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Be a critical friend

Effective stakeholder engagement is more about being a critical friend

I wrote a post a few days on LinkedIn about the secret to successful change. I wanted to follow that up with what I consider is a sure way to ...
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