Process change is easy, right? You have lots of spare cash to invest in change, process quality has never been an issue, you’ve got all the time and energy to do what’s required and the risk of alienating your workforce doesn’t worry you in the slightest!

Are you busy coming up with answers to the following;

  • To remain competitive in today’s environment your costs have to be controlled and you have to continually search out for savings that have to be made every year?
  • Your customers are also demanding higher levels of quality, and rightly so, it’s just that ‘how’ do you go about making those improvements?
  • What about all the time and energy that you have to personally invest in the change itself?
  • And, what about making changes that will deliver the right change, at the right time and at the right costs?


Exceed Excellence are process change experts with a proven track record of delivering results, saving money and that make change easy. You can trust Exceed Excellence to help you improve your business.

We know you are busy and that your time and improvement resources are finite. That’s why we take a very pragmatic and practical approach to everything that we do. Working with you, we ensure that you achieve sustainable change and realise required benefits.

Exceed Excellence has hands-on multi-sector experience, our expertise lies in consultancy, Lean Six Sigma, coaching, facilitating process improvement projects and delivering training and master-classes.


Our results;

  • WIP reduction by 65% saving £196,139.69 (Manufacturing)
  • Productivity improved by 30% and set up reduction by 65% (Manufacturing)
  • Distance travelled (L10-50) reduced by 55% or 338 metres (Manufacturing)
  • Deployed Board Round process in 100+ wards in 6 months (Healthcare)
  • Improved session start time from 46% to 51%
  • Reduced readmissions from 29 to 11 (Healthcare)
  • Improved LoS from 4.41 to 4.24 in 13 week engagement (Healthcare)
  • Reduced finance 5-day close process from 8 days to less than 4 (Healthcare)
  • Improved team productivity from 45% to 90% (Insurance)
  • Used problem solving techniques to improve utilisation and release 7 WTE’s (Insurance)


What makes us unique?

  • 1000’s of staff trained in Lean principles
  • 100’s of change agents trained and mentored through change projects
  • 100’s of senior managers coached in leadership for change

Working with you, and your teams, we’ll develop improvement plans and deliver process change(s) that will; give a high quality service, that is right first time every time, is cost effective, delights your customers/service users and engages staff at all levels in the change process.

We focus on sustainable continuous improvement i.e. we transfer knowledge and skills that have been developed over twenty years in multiple industries; manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, health and social care and in insurance.


If this is resonating with you, get in touch? Let’s have a quick conversation to understand your situation better and to see how Exceed Excellence can help you?


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