What is this thing called Lean?

The science of Lean could help you improve your business, drive quality and delivery performance to customers, reduce business costs and empower your workforce towards a culture of continuous improvement. Too good to be true, it doesn’t have to be?

Lean determines value from your customers’ perspective and tirelessly seeks to opportunities to add value at almost every process. It uses its own terminology like VA, NVA and Waste to describe elements of a process that either ‘adds’ value or results in ‘waste’. This gives a language to articulate and understand your current state, identify opportunities for process improvement and the ingredients of a redesigned future state i.e. a better of way doing things.


Lean is not something that you do, rather it is something that you become.


How you engage your workforce is key for a successful Lean adoption as people make change happen not frameworks. People need more than spreadsheets and / or data, they have emotions and don’t necessarily respond well to lines on a graph that argue the need for change. How you reach out to them impacts levels of success. Lean and culture change go hand in hand.


How do I do this?

You may be thinking ‘how’ do I do this? Here are some points for consideration;

  • Empower your people to apply Lean
  • Give your teams the training to be make the necessary changes
  • Developing your Lean leadership skills is essential. Coaching and providing feedback on performance are skills that are honed over time
  • Remember, Lean goes hand in hand with culture change
  • Learn by doing, it really is the best way to learn.


Lean is not something that you do, rather it is something that you become. Once you understand Lean, you’ll appreciate the folly of short-termism and the advantages of long-term commitment.

There’s only one way to know you’re ready

When you’re ready to take the first step, remember;

  • Believe in yourself, you can do it
  • Gain experience by starting with small projects
  • Get a coalition of the willing, many hands make light work!
  • The only way you will ever know is to GIVE IT A GO!


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About Exceed Excellence

Exceed Excellence are process experts that get things done. We know you are busy and that your time and improvement resources are finite. That’s why we take a very pragmatic and practical approach to everything that we do. Working with you, we ensure that you achieve sustainable change and realise required benefits.

With hands-on multi-sector experience, our expertise lies in consultancy, Lean Six Sigma, coaching, facilitating process improvement projects and delivering training and master-classes.

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